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Commercial Deck & Stair Railings

Design your office deck and stair railings locally with Glass Images Inc. We design, fabricate, and install commercial railing applications all across Western Michigan. Our railing designs include side mounts, aluminum & glass, aluminum cable, stand off, and glass channel railings.

Side Mounts

Side Mount Railings

Side Mount or Fascia railings give you additional design options and optimize the square footage of your stairway or deck. Side Mount solutions ensure the full width of your deck and/or stairway is availble. In addition, side mount systems do not require you to drill into your flooring.

Glass Panels

Glass Panel Systems

Glass panel railing systems allow you to completely open up your design and allow natural sunlight to flow throughout. In addition to their modern design, glass railings are safe and extremely durable today. Glass railings can be customized to fit any space and you can frost panels for areas needing some privacy.

Cable Raining.jpg
Cable Designs

Cable Railing Systems

Cable railing is now a popular design choice for interior applications and not just for outdoor decks. For office spaces, cable railing can be used for stairways, balconies, or for directing traffic through common areas. Our team can design, fabricate, and install any solution you require.

Glass Channels

Glass Channel Railings

Glass Channel or Base Rail systems allow another option for designing glass rails for interior & exterior applications. These railing systems use a thin piece of metal along the bottom which holds up each glass panel. Businesses can add an optional top railing cap to the panels for a more defined finished look.

Modern Designs

Stand Off Railings

Stand Off railing systems limit the amount of bulky metal pieces getting in the way of your office design. This type of solution eliminates the use of mounted posts and uses a standoff pin to hold the glass panels in place. This is a popular design choice for floating stairs or balconies where posts would obstruct the view.

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